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JT offers a niche outsourced call centre service that provides unique alternatives to your affinity-based sales, retention and customer service initiatives. Whatever your operational challenge, with JT you can consider it solved!

Our Skills

We maintain our clients’ most pivotal relationships by delivering professional and engaging customer- and employee interactions on a daily basis. An acknowledged leader in the highly regulated financial services sector, we provide failsafe outsourced solutions across all sectors. Our key-skill expertise lies in retentions, notably insurance policy retentions. As a niche contact centre for affinity-based campaigns, we specialise in stakeholder interactions where established relationships exist.

Why choose us as your Outsourced Call Centre
Fast, flexible, professional

JT Call Centre is South Africa’s premier inbound and outbound contact centre. We have a proven ability to boost revenues, reinforce brand values and support stakeholder morale. We contribute substantially to the operational efficiency and growth of clients across all sectors – without any risk to the client. Long-standing client relationships are a reflection of our policy of pursuing win-win outcomes

  • 1
    Boost revenues and save millions
    Our efficient and cost-effective processes have a track record of proven results.
  • 2
    Stay ahead of the game
    We continually invest in state-of-the-art systems and technology to keep you ahead.
  • 3
    Protect your data security
    Our high-level security and data integrity give you peace of mind.
  • 4
    Save labour law headaches
    Our experience in human resources and labour law ensures your remain compliant.
  • 5
    Meet your needs
    We can tailor-make a solution for your industry no matter the size of the job or the South Africa language requirement.
  • 6
    Trust in a quality service
    We are committed to the integrity of your brand, with a super focus on our number one priority - quality human interaction.
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Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone :+27 11 475 1279
Fax :0866 175 438

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JT Call Centre is a leading outsourced call centre in South Africa and the number one choice for affinity-based campaigns. JT Call Centre is an Approved Financial Services Provider; FSP No 38691.

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