Inbound and Outbound Contact Centre Services

We deliver consistently professional inbound and outbound contact centre interactions on behalf of our clients, helping them to retain and recapture customers, grow their revenues, gauge employee and client sentiment and perform administrative customer services.

If a task, campaign or intervention can be done by a person on a phone, we can do it!

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More information on Inbound and Outbound Call Centre services below...

  • POPI compliance
  • Customer experience
  • Reinstatement of lapsed business
  • Cross-selling
  • Helpdesk
  • Customer admin

POPI compliance services

POPI is an acronym for Protection of Personal Information. The POPI Act has been signed into law, but is not yet fully in operation. Once in operation, organisations will have 12 months to comply. There's an opportunity for you now to protect your future marketing efforts, grow your business and get compliant!

Find out more on how to get POPI compliant.

Customer experience surveys

No business can improve its products or services without knowing what its customers want or need (or don’t want or need). We conduct regular customer surveys, supplying clients with information that is invaluable in analysing trends and developing customer service indices (CSIs). These indices are used to assess improvements and deterioration, improve internal competitiveness, and deliver 360-degree feedback for employee performance appraisals.

We do offer online survey options, but strongly recommend that these campaigns be conducted telephonically.

Find out how customer experience surveys can grow your business.

Reinstatement of lapsed business

It’s much more expensive to sign a new client than it is to retain an existing client. We are specialists in the reinstatement of lapsed insurance policies. We put premiums worth hundreds of thousands back onto the books of insurers every month. We also revive dormant bank or credit accounts to reinstate revenue streams for our clients.

Find out how to get lost revenue back into your books .

Sales and Cross-selling

As a niche affinity-based contact centre, we don’t engage in cold calling or business-to-business sales – but we are very successful at cross-selling products to existing clients and convincing clients to upgrade to more comprehensive products or cover. We also make huge contributions to our clients’ revenue streams through highly personable telephonic sales interactions every month. An Approved Financial Services Provider in the insurance and banking sectors, we have a proven track record in selling non-underwritten insurance products.

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Helpdesk Services

This inbound service provides your customers with information and support related to your products and services. It can be done via toll-free numbers, websites, instant messaging or email. Depending on the level and complexity of the support required, we can provide a fully-fledged solution or access to our infrastructure. We are able to upscale where necessary and will appoint specialist industry-specific operators if required.

Find out more about our inbound customer service help desk services.

Customer administration services

The accuracy of customer information is an ongoing and increasing challenge for companies of all sizes. Skilled and resourceful in tracking down ‘missing customers’, we are uniquely positioned to update all customer data required by our clients telephonically and electronically. We are also particularly adept at providing our clients’ customers with telephonic reminders to renew their subscriptions, medical prescriptions and cellphone and other contracts. Our consultants can also make appointments or take orders for your sales force, allowing them to focus on revenue generating activities.

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JT Call Centre is a leading outsourced call centre in South Africa and the number one choice for affinity-based campaigns. JT Call Centre is an Approved Financial Services Provider; FSP No 38691.

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